Q: What networks do Tempo Wireless Customers use when making phone calls, sending text messages and using data?
A:  Tempo Wireless has wholesale agreements that provides access to three of the nation’s largest and best network providers. Tempo Wireless Customers can use our GSM Network Product, Sprint Network Product or CDMA Network Product. Tempo Wireless Customers can choose the best solution for them.
Q:  Can customers keep their same phone number when switching to Tempo Wireless Service?
A:  Yes!
Q: Are there any monthly costs to having your own business with Tempo Wireless?
A:  No! Every Agent has access to free ways to marketing products and services and the business opportunity. There is a fantastic marketing tool everyone can purchase for only $49.99 per month that includes your own personal website with built in retargeting, lead capture pages, personal tempowireless.com email service and more. New Senior Managers and Regional Managers automatically get this system and can cancel it at any time.
Q: As a customer with Tempo Wireless, can I refer other people to also become customers, and eventually get my service for free?
A:  Yes! If you are an existing customer, you can refer just 3 new people who also become customers and your service will be FREE!
Q: Do I have to sign a contract with Tempo Wireless Service?
A:  No! Tempo Wireless Service is offered with No Contract.
Q: Can customers really earn free service by referring 3 customers to Tempo Wireless Service? How can Tempo Wireless afford to do that when no one else does?
A:  Yes! Tempo Wireless does not spend money on advertising like other companies and that’s why Tempo Wireless can share the profits from bills with its customers by offering free service.

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We are passionate about helping people earn free wireless service through our U + 3 = Free customer referral program and helping people get paid on monthly wireless bills through our Agent program.
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